About A Thousand Pictures

A Thousand Pictures produces high quality video.
Plain and simple.

Why do you need a video?
A video can help to promote your company or brand. Whether on television or via the web, you can incorporate video clips on your website, email a video message, pop a DVD in the post or use video to maximize the impact of your presentation.

You may want to record a live event or a simple e-business card.

If it’s in house or via the web, video is now a valuable and cost effective method of aiding training and promotion.

Our Clients
Our recent clients include Swansea County Council, Shoutgroup, R.T.A, Funky Pump Fitness and childrens charity Barnardo's. Our music videos have been aired on CD:UK, MTV2, Kerrang TV and Scuzz TV.

Read some recent testimonials from our clients.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on video editing, call our Business Manager, Paul Knowles for a quote on 07812 539 512 or contact us via email.